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How Dance Helps Performance In Other Sports

How Dance Helps Performance In Other Sports

Taking any kind of dance class in Toronto is one of the best ways to improve your performance in other sports. Whether you are an athlete in high school, a professional athlete, or you just want to perform better on your club team, taking a dance class is the best way to improve all aspects of your performance?

Why? Dance is a full body workout that doesn’t have as much impact as some of the other options on the market today. Dancing is also fun, so it really doesn’t feel like you are actually working out. At the same time, it can strengthen and lengthen your muscles, making you leaner and perform better over time.

Which sports most benefit from dance? Let’s break it down:

American Football

It isn’t uncommon to hear that some of the best American football players are taking dance classes. Why? Football is a sport that requires its players to take a lot of abuse – on and off the field. They are constantly getting tackled, running headlong into each other, and falling from heights as high as six feet. Through all of that, they need to be able to get up and do it all over again throughout an entire game. They aren’t given much recovery time over the weeks either. Their bodies become their moneymakers, and injuries are far too common.

Certain positions can benefit from dance classes more than others, though all positions can benefit. The kicker, for example, will certainly benefit from being limber and being able to raise his leg higher. The quarterback will benefit from being able to move on a dime when he has a 300-pound hunk of muscle coming at him.

Surprisingly, ballet classes and classical dances are what benefit most football players.


Gymnastics and dance are often thought of in the same vein, and with good reason. Both require muscles that are lean but strong, an insane amount of flexibility, and a good sense of timing. Naturally, gymnasts often take dance classes in Toronto so that they can move their bodies in different ways.

At the same time, gymnasts often need some movement that isn’t as restrictive as the movements they encounter in gymnastics classes and lessons – as they tend to be repetitive and wipe out certain muscles needed for the different events.

Gymnasts benefit from taking hip hop classes and classical dance classes because they help with elegant movements and random explosive movements.


We all know those famous golfers that have had to retire because of back, shoulder, and arm problems. Some of them were able to have surgery and come back again, but have they ever really been the same?

Dance allows you to strengthen and bolster the muscles in the top half of your body as well as the bottom half. By keeping those muscles strong but lean, your golf swing instantly improves and stabilizes.

Of course, it will also make it possible for you to skip out on the golf cart and walk around the course without trouble.

Hockey Players

Hockey players are similar to football players in that they have a lot of weight and muscle coming at them from every angle – and then they only have the hard ice to fall onto, not nice, comfortable turf.

Hockey players also have to be light on their feet, moving at the very last second and staying balanced. Is there any other physical activity that calls for more of that than dance?

Of course, dance can simply help hockey players feel more comfortable in their bodies, a surprising problem for many of them.

Tennis Players

Tennis players are unique in that there aren’t too many sports that align with their movements and activity. It takes the precision of golf when it comes to a swing, but the speed of an offensive lineman or a soccer player.

However, one thing dance can help tennis players with is making small corrections that make a big impact. Dancers need to make subtle changes to make a move better, more interesting, or fluid – and those are things that tennis players need as well.

No matter what sport you play, taking a dance class in Toronto can be extremely helpful.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay